Joseph Dawson


Drawing and Dead Coloring - A time lapse video.


For this painting I am using the “Indirect method”.


What does this mean? Well, first, the image is drawn out before getting into the “dead coloring”. At this stage, I want to get my values right in a general way. Once dry, I can then begin the “first painting” - after having established my palette beforehand (I like to use my own premixed colors in addition to what comes straight from the tubes) – I then move onto the second painting which requires that I paint over the previous work done in the initial stages. At this point, I begin to tighten up the details until I am satisfied.


The video shows only the first two stages of this process: the drawing stage and the “dead coloring”. I drew the image with NITRAM charcoal, applied a fixative and then varnished the canvass once more with transparent varnish and after having sanded it down, I covered the canvass in a thin wash of Raw umber before beginning. I used Lamp black, Titanium white and raw umber and although, strictly speaking, dead coloring is supposed to be monochrome, I did add a little Quinacridone Red to the cloth in order to cool it down a bit. I find a hint of color helpful. I painted in the background a little later on during the day. For that I used Cerulean blue, Raw umber and Titanium white.


When I it is finished, I will upload it both here and on my instagram account.


Thank you for watching!

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